Care and Information regarding the Sphynx

Sphynx cat's, while hairless, do require more grooming than a normally coated cat.

When bathing my Sphynx, my main goal is to keep from stripping the skin of it's naturual oils. Stripping the oils will only cause the skin to create more oil and give the cat a dirty appearance.

For bath time, depending on each cats sensibilities, I use either Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil, Baby Wash or Dove Body Wash for Sensitive skin. Any good hypoallergenic shampoo is all right, or veterinary prescriptive shampoos. I do advise against using baby shampoo, as I have found it harsh to the skin. Prescription shampoo's like Malaseb used to help remove unwanted bacterias that may have been picked up at a show, are also advised.

Kittens generally need a bath once a week to every 10 days. It is an easy process (they dry very quickly)! They are okay with a baths (they’ve already been bathed and groomed many times, so they are well acclimated to the process), if you follow a few simple guidelines -- gently hold the front legs together or they reach out with their arms as you place them in the tub. I hold them by their front legs and support the back legs with the other hand/arm. That way I don't get scratched and they feel really secure. I usually use my tub to bathe – it doesn’t require that much water, but they have plenty of room to get their feet wet and not feel like they are being cramped into a small space.

Intermittently, I use hypoallergenic/fragrance free baby wipes for ears, butt, and feet routinely. Pet eye wipes or a wet washcloth for face, if necessary. Oil accumulates around the nose, toenails and inside the ears. These should be cleaned once a week. You should clean the ears with ear cleaning solutions (from your vet), and use baby oil and cosmetic cotton pads or a washcloth around the inside of the ear. Be careful not to go deeply, cleaning only what you see. You can take your finger with a washcloth and run it around the ear after the baby oil. Toenails should be extended and wiped off with a warm washcloth. Be gentle and patient -- listening to your kitten's mood is important and it is best not to frustrate your kitty with fussing too much over getting him or her clean. So be patient and again, let your kitty tell you when enough is enough, give a treat, then go back to cleaning later. This generally works and gets them trained to your style of cleaning very well!!!

For litter, I use Tidycat Crytsals but any litter will due. Just make sure that there is low dust in the litter you buy. I never have trouble with kittens going in the box, but you need to keep it picked daily. If your kitty develops a rash, first look at the type of litter and the additives which may be in it before you panic. Many times when trying out different things, I have found the additives to prevent smells in litter can be harsh to the Sphynx skin. Remember, they’re just like you – they don’t have the protective hair coating that other cats do.

I also advise having scratching posts and other kitty claw approved furniture that they are allowed to scratch on. By giving them something to sharpen those claws with, your personal furniture should be safe. Toenails must be trimmed once a week or as needed for your safety as well as the kittys. If left untrimmed, the toenails can curl under and puncture their soft pawpads and cause infections.

I recommend ProPlan or Purina One kitten food mixed with ProPlan or Purina One Hairball formula. Like people, each kitty's diet is specific to them and some cats will tolerate some foods better than others.



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