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PinUpCats Daenery's aka Cali


PinUpCats Stephanie of Cat Corner (Thailand)


PinUpCats Rocky of Gollum Cat

PinUpCats Aida of Gollum Cat


PinUpCats Angel of Gollum Cat


PinUpCats Valentino of Yoruba


PinUpCats Supa Dupa Fly of Kuorii


PinUpCats Beret of Chateau Bare aka Frenchie




From the past:


Pinupcats Lolita of D'Eden Lover


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GC GP Pinupcats Fashion Show of Hapajo


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GC RW Pinupcats Dark Side of the Moon


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D’Eden Lover D’Blue of Pinupcats


PinUpCats Sphynx is currently showing in CFA & TICA during their 2008/2009 Season

Above: Pinupcats Crush with Eyeliner at the 2008 CFA International Show held in Atlanta Georgia November 21/23

ABOVE: Pinupcats Next Top Model "Nexie" being award Best Kitten at the 

January 2008 Birmingham CFA show by Judge, Bob Zenda


Below are pictures of my benching area from
the 2005 CFA International Show held in San Mateo, CA

GC/GP RW Skinzin My Preciousss Smeagol and Cyndee
from the 2005 CFA International.

Tommy 2 Tone aka Gizmo

My Preciousss Smeagol

Picture of myself with my cats

CG/GP Skinzin My Preciousss Smeagol 

Click the following thumbnail to see pictures taken at the CFA Tropical Cats Show that featured the Bathing Suit Contest.

Pictures from the April 2005 Newport News CFA show




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