Welcome to PinUpCats Sphynx 

PinUpCats is a CFA/TICA registered cattery located near the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA.  My breeding program has always been dedicated to the preservation of the Sphynx breed. My love for the breed bloomed in the early 90’s when I was lucky enough to meet these elegant creatures first hand at a cat show held in Atlanta Georgia.  For me, they were the “pinups” of the cat world and it was love at first  sight.  I have been obsessed with all things Sphynx ever since. Breeding and Showing awarding winning Sphynx in CFA/TICA/FIFE since 2004. Currently (and for the last 8 years) I am the Sphynx Breed Council Secretary for The Cat Fanciers Association www.cfa.org

Sphynxly Yours, Cyndee Hill

Happy, Healthy

Kittens from Our Previous Litters

Kittens from Our
Previous Litters


“Beautiful, healthy cats from a
dedicated breeder.”

Tracy Young

We love our Alice… pinupcats queen of hearts. She beautiful, healthy and the sweetest most social cat I have ever owned!! Beautiful healthy skin and a pure joy to live with.

Stacie Amerson

“They offer wonderful cats that
have been well taken care of.”

Claudette Mayes