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Caring for your sphynx


Sphynx are lovely and most unusual cats, but they are not maintenance-free. Sphynx cats are hairless, that’s why their care is a little bit special but not complicated at all. If you can follow some simple tips of Sphynx cat care you can easily maintain everyday care. To be duly prepared just keep in mind, that there are 6 main items to care: 

How to Care for your Sphynx

Sphynx cats are one of a kind. The hairless cats with large bat-sized ears are more friendly than it seems. If you are a fan of the famous 90's show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you’ll be well aware of how one of the characters, Rachel Greene, had to give up her newly-purchased, expensive Sphynx cat because she couldn’t practice proper Sphynx cat skincare. 

Caring for a hairless cat like a Sphynx calls for diligent efforts and love, but it is not as difficult as it seems. In this article, you’ll find some exciting facts about the Sphynx cat and its skincare. 

Acne in Sphynx cats: What do the black dots on the tail tell you?  

Quite often, acne appears in cats too. For example, you may notice black dots on the tail of a Sphynx cat. Most often, black dots on the Sphynx cat’s tail indicates improper care of the animal, but they can also appear as a result of the development of various diseases in a male or a female cat. Acne can be different for cats: from cosmetic defects to pyoderma. 

The development of acne is affected by a number of factors, and the symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg of hidden problems associated with a cat’s health and care of it. Black dots on the Sphynx tail can appear for a variety of reasons, and only an experienced veterinarian can determine and find out if the animal needs special treatment. To prevent this from becoming a large problem, you should regularly check your pet for possible acne.

Why do you need to clean Sphynx Cat Ears?

Sphynx cats have ears that are quite different from other types of cats. The main differences are that the Sphynx cat’s ears are very large and they are almost completely hairless. These two factors mean that oil, wax and dirt tend to build up in the Sphynx ears which can create serious health problems, such as infections, ear mites, discomfort and deafness. This is why it’s extremely important that you clean your Sphynx ears on a regular basis. You should clean your Sphynx Cat Ears at least once a week, generally in conjunction with its regular bath time. 

How to clean Sphynx ears? 

Most Sphynx cats hate having their ears cleaned. They will squirm and struggle and this can make it a very difficult experience for the owner. It is very important that you are patient and persistent as this is something that cannot be avoided. You will also need to be very careful, as if your Sphynx moves suddenly you may inadvertently harm the ear.  

When it comes to cleaning your Sphynx ears, there are a few supplies you will need

  • Cat ear cleaner. You can get this from your vet or a pet store.
  • Cotton balls or disposable cloth towels
  • Cotton buds (Q-tips)

1. Apply the ear cleaner

The first thing that you will need to do is to apply the ear cleaner. The easiest way to do this is to apply the ear cleaner to a cotton ball or towel, rather than putting it directly into the ear. You should then put the cotton ball just inside the Sphynx ear. Gently massage from the base to the tip of the ear in an attempt to spread the ear cleaner and loosen up all the wax, oil and dirt from within the ear.

2. Use a clean cloth towel to wipe out all the excess grime and ear cleaner

Then use a clean cloth towel to wipe out all the excess grime and ear cleaner. You can then use a cotton bud (Q-tip) to go around all the cracks and crevices in the outer ear. You have to be extremely careful with Q-tip when trying to get dirt from the inside of the ear. First of all you won’t know how deep to go and secondly you need to hold your cat’s head firmly to avoid sudden head movement and permanent damage to his/her hearing. If you can’t do it alone ask somebody to assist you. 

You may find that your Sphynx cat’s ear starts twitching or that he/she is persistently trying to scratch at the ear while you are cleaning it. If this happens it’s probably just a minor itch or irritation. Do not worry! Have a break for a moment and let your Sphynx have a bit of a scratch. You can then resume with the ear cleaning when he or she is more relaxed.  

Why do you need to clean the Sphynx Cat Eyes?

Cats are incredibly clean pets, but your Sphynx needs a little bit more help to maintain an exciting look. In our article we will tell you how to clean your Sphynx cat’s eyes correctly and what things will be suitable for different cases at home or while traveling with your cat. 

Features of the Sphynx Cat's Eyes 

Due to the physiological structure, Sphynx do not have eyelashes that can hold dust. Thus, the dust settles directly on the eye. Then it is wetted and displayed on the inner corner of the eye in the form of tear stains or in a light brown discharge. If you do not remove it in due time, the discharge becomes dry and dark brown. A small amount of discharge from the eyes, which appears rarely and does not bother your pet, is quite normal. You just need to take care of the eyes of your Sphynx regularly. 

If discharge from the eyes becomes extensive, it is better to ask your veterinarian about it. The faster you do this, the easier it will be to maintain your cat’s eyes healthy. The appearance of copious discharge or tears is a signal for the careful and responsible owner: you need to bring your cat to the veterinary center. This may be a sign of infectious disease, allergy, or eye injury. The exact cause will be determined by a vet. 

How to Clean Sphynx Cat's Eyes

Eye care depends on the frequency of eye discharge. Usually to clean your Sphynx eyes once a day is quite enough. With proper preparation, the daily cat’s eyes cleaning will take no more than a couple of minutes and will not cause any stress for you and your Sphynx.
You will need the following supplies to clean your Sphynx cat's eyes:

  • cotton pads and cat eyewash fluid
  • or pet wipes

Fluids, such as water or saline, simply remove tear stains. Special eyewash fluid not only cleanses but also provides an antibacterial effect and relieves irritation.

1. Dip cotton pad in eyewash fluid

It is important that your Sphynx is not allergic to the medicine or fluid that you will use for eye cleaning!

2. Wipe the eye in the direction from the outer corner to the inner

This is an  important rule, the non-observance of which nullifies all efforts. If you wipe the eye, on the contrary, from the inner corner to the outer, all the dirt will fall under the eyelid and accumulate there, which can provoke even an inflammation.

3. Use a fresh cotton pad for each eye

Make sure the fibers from a cotton pad do not enter the eye. This can damage your cat’s eyes. Repeat several times until eyes and eyelids are clean.

What is best for Sphynx Cat's eye care: pet wipes or eyewash?

If special pet wipes are 100% safe and completely free from parabens, alcohol, flavorings, chlorine and other chemicals they are good for eye cleaning too. You don’t need anything else for everyday care for your Sphynx eyes. They are very convenient while you are traveling with your pet. Pet wipes are universal and thus are suitable for cleaning pet’s paws, teeth, etc.
Cotton pads and eyewash fluid are good when you are at home. On the one hand, you can choose the supplies that are most suitable for your cat. On the other hand, you can regulate the appropriate dosage.

What can you use to clean Sphynx eyes?

We surfed supplies for cleaning Sphynx cat’s eyes. Our Experts’s choice for traveling are BIGA’s Pet wipes.

Antibacterial Hypoallergenic Pet Wipes by BIGA

  • Are large and thick. You can clean more than eyes if necessary!
  • Contain safe ingredients. These wipes are 100% safe and natural
  • Are durable and soft. Thick and large makes them extra durable while wiping. They are soft and suitable for gentle and sensitive Sphynx cat’s skin.
  • Are portable and suitable for travel or a big trip

Pet Wipes by BIGA contain only natural ingredients, are antibacterial and fragrance-free, that is why they are safe for your cat. These wipes are very soft, so you will never damage your Sphynx cat’s sensitive skin. They are durable and also large enough to clean no only eyes, if necessary. And the BIGA pet wipes are also portable that is why we recommend to take them with while traveling with your Sphynx. The last but not least: the economy pack let you easily reduce the daily expenses.

Tomlyn Opticlear Veterinary Eye Wash

For everyday care, we have chosen either Tomlyn Opticlear Veterinary Eye Wash or Arava Bio Tears Stain Cleaner. Use them together with soft cotton pads.

Tomlyn Opticlear Veterinary Eye Wash is sterile, so you can be sure, that your Sphynx eyes will be duly cleaned. This pet eyewash has the same pH as tears and that is why it is suitable for sensitive Sphynx cat’s skin. Your Sphynx will feel absolutely comfortable after daily eye cleaning. The economy pack of 2 is also a benefit.

Arava Bio Tears Stain Cleaner

  • Contains natural ingredients combined with the 26 skin- nourishing Dead Sea minerals
  • Is antibacterial

Arava Bio Tears Stain Cleaner contains only natural ingredients and is suitable both for adult cats and kittens. This cleaner not only removes existing eye tears and stains but also prevents the bacteria that causes them. Thanks to skin-nourishing Dead Sea minerals, this cleaner also offers long-lasting results.  

How to Bath your Sphynx Cat

Sphynx Cat Bathing Routine

Unlike most cats who hate water in any form, most Sphynx cats have become accustomed to bathing routine and accept that this is a part of life. Some have even developed a real love of water and can’t wait for their bath time!

How Often do you Bath a Sphynx Cat?


How often do you need to undertake Sphynx Bathing? The oiliness of the Sphynx skin means that you need to bath your Sphynx on a regular basis. The frequency of Sphynx bathing will depend on your Sphynx skin type and the amount of grease that it produces, however in general it will be once or twice a week. 

Where can You Bath a Sphynx Cat?

Whether it is your bathroom, your shower or even a kitchen, Sphynx cat usually doesn’t mind, as long as it is warm and cozy. Please gently put Sphynx into the sink filled with warm water as high as cat’s belly. Go ahead!

What Shampoo to Use For Sphynx Cat Bathing?

Your breeder should have developed bathing routine. If it works for your breeder it will work for you. Do not experiment – many breeders likes Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo. This shampoo is ideal for gently cleansing and moisturizing Sphynx’ skin. Apply small amount of the shampoo on Ramer’s Baby Sponge and gently soap down avoiding mouth, nose and eye area.

How About Sphynx Cat Paws & Toes?

If you think that indoor Sphynx has clean paws then you’re wrong again.
Although you can often see your loved Sphynx licking and biting it’s paws (ice-cream licking) , they feet are still dirty, yak! So it is very important to get as much dirt as you can at the time of bathing.

Take one paw in your hand and put some pressure on one of the toe pads so that the claw extends. Pull a pinkish area at the base of the claw (this is known as the quick) and clean the dirt with the soapy water. It should be very easy at this stage as feet had a good soak. Keep your Sphynx warm, always top up sink with warm water.

Sphynx Cat Bathing Is A Special Experience


Sphynx cats are accustomed to bathing since early days. It may be not their favorite activity but they really do not mind looking pretty. Sphynx Cats don’t know how to hide pride in their faces, posture and posing when they are nice and clean. Sphynx cat bathing is a perfect bonding experience.

How to Bath your Sphynx cat?

You should prepare to bathe your Sphynx Cat. You can plan bathe-time if your Sphynx is healthy. It’s better to pass some time after feeding, at least about 1 hour. Make also sure that the room where you take your Sphinx after bathing is warm and get rid of drafts.

Prepare everything you need for bathing your Sphynx:

  • soft towels
  • shampoo
  • soft sponge
  • non-slip mat
  • coconut oil

You and your Sphynx cat should be calm and in a good mood. If you bathe a cat alone, make sure that for a while nothing will disturb you. It would be great, if you could do everything confidently, without unnecessary haste, but quite clearly and quickly.

1. Preparing a bathroom

A bathroom should be warm. Place a non-slip mat on the bottom of the bathtub. Fill the bathtub with warm water to a depth of about 10-15 cm. Water can reach the middle of the cat’s paws or belly. Bring your Sphinx cat. Close the bathroom door. Gently put the cat into the water and place the cat on the mat. 


2. Application of shampoo

Apply shampoo to a sponge moistened with warm water. Whip a little foam. Sponge the cat and take off as much dirt as you can. Avoid getting shampoo and water in your ears and eyes. The cat’s face can be gently wiped with a damp sponge or wet wipes after bathing.


3. Rinse off shampoo

Open the bathroom drain and rinse the shampoo from the cat with warm water. The pressure of the shower should not be powerful, so as not to scare the cat. If your pet is afraid of the shower, then you can rinse the sponge under warm tap water and rinse off the shampoo with a clean sponge. 


4. After bathing

Make sure that there is no shampoo on the skin. Carefully wrap the clean cat in a towel and make your pet dry. You may also moisture your Sphynx skin with a coconut oil. Take the wrapped cat in a dry soft towel to the prepared room. 

Some Sphynx cats begin lick itself, they can also run and play a bit after bathing. Sometimes your Sphynx may eat some food. Usually, this happens due to keeping warm. After a while, your Sphynx cat will usually go to bed. Make sure your Sphynx cat is warm. If you want to use some Coconut oil for moisturizing, read the article about Sphynх Cat Skincare. If necessary, cover your lovely bold pet with its favorite soft blanket and let it sleep well. 

Clipping Sphynx Cat Nails

How to Clip Sphynx Claws

With early training and some patience, you should be able to get into the habit of clipping Sphynx cat nails on a regular basis after bathing about every two weeks. After two or three times you will definitely feel much more confident with your Sphynx cat’s claws trimming. 

Is it necessary to trim a Sphynx cat's claws?

Because the Sphynx is purely an indoor cat, they don’t really need their nails for climbing trees or protecting themselves against predators. By trimming their nails you will be protecting your furniture, upholstery, clothing and skin from potential damage.
If you are unsure exactly how to trim Sphynx cat nails, then you might want to ask the breeder or your vet to demonstrate for you. The nails clipping is a common treatment to be done twice a month (depending on how much you clip the nail back). 

What You Should know about Sphynx Cat's nail clippings

It is very important that you know not to cut too much off, cutting into pink tissue (the quick) you may cause considerable pain and bleeding for your Sphynx. 

The only thing that you need to trim Sphynx nails is a pair of good, sharp nail clippers. You can get ones that are specifically designed for cats, but I find that human nail clippers work just as well.

You should also have a supply of treats on hand so that you do not forget to reward your Sphynx for good behavior after the nails have been trimmed. 

How to Clip Your Sphynx Cat Nails

It is a good idea to trim the nails after bathing your Sphynx. This is when the nails are softer and easier to cut. 

You will need the following supplies to clip your Sphynx Cat's nails


  • Cat Nail Clippers or Guillotine. You can get this from your vet or a pet store
  • Wet wipes
  • Some cat treats for reward

1. Put your Sphynx in a comfortable position

It might be either on your lap, or on a table or bench. Try to make him or her as relaxed as possible by speaking soothing words to re-assure them that nothing bad is happening. Then take one paw in your hand and put some pressure on one of the toe pads so that the claw extends.

2. Clean skin by the nail beds and around the nails

Clean the inner portion by the nail bed to prevent any type of infection while you will clipping nails.

3. Then simply trim the tip off the nail

As already mentioned, you will notice a pinkish area at the base of the claw. This is known as the quick and you should not cut this area.

If you prefer to clip nails before bath time or any other time when you and your Sphynx cat are in the best mood then use baby wipes or damp towel to clean the dirt under the nails or the flappy skin by the nail area. Cats hide nails quickly and it is more likely that you cause damage and infection to your loved kitty, if you don’t clean them before clipping.

If you are worry about nail clipping, try Soft Claws Covers for your Sphynx cat. These nail covers effectively prevent the furniture from scratching and protect you when playing with your cat. The colorful nail covers are also one of the best ways to make your Sphynx fashion and attractive.

And as a final note, don’t get confused between nail trimming and declawing. Declawing is a controversial practice and should be considered very carefully before proceeding. 

Feeding Your Sphynx Cat

Various Diets for Feeding your Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats love to eat! They like to eat frequently and they like to try anything. To help your Sphynx to have a healthy digestive system, it is best to Feeding Sphynx Cat dividing meal into small portions at regular intervals. 

Access to Food and Water

The fact that Sphynx don’t have hair means that they create heat for their bodies through their metabolism. A good way of ensuring that they are able to meet these demands and keep comfortable is by giving your Sphynx an automatic food dispenser. That way they will have a constant food supply that they can go to whenever they like during the day. 

It is very important that your Sphynx has continual access to fresh water. You may find that your Sphynx is regularly spilling its water bowl or taking its food out of the food bowl and eating it from the floor. If your Sphynx is doing this, it is probably because the bowl is too deep. Cats don’t like having to get their whiskers wet or dirty while they are eating and drinking. Providing your Sphynx with a shallower bowl is likely to solve this problem. 

Sphynx Cat Menu

The Sphynx has a sensitive digestive system that is not amenable to eating canned food every day. Most owners would recommend only feeding your Sphynx canned cat food once or twice a week. Try to vary the diet as much as possible to increase the nutritional value and keep the Sphynx interested and excited about its food. 

The diet requirements are different for kittens, adult cats and older cats and so the food is different. If you decide to change your Sphynx diet, then you should do so gradually. Any sudden changes can upset your cats digestive system causing them to become sick.
Sauce or additives that you put on your own foods may be extremely dangerous to your pet. 

Feeding Sphynx Cat Canned Food


If you are feeding your Sphynx canned food then you should pay careful attention to what’s in the product to ensure that it satisfies your cats nutritional requirements. It is important to note that some of the cheaper brands of canned cat food are made from inferior meat and contain sweeteners so that the cat will enjoy the taste. You will need to look at the label on the can to see what the product actually contains and how nutritional it is.

Look at the list of ingredients in the can. The ingredients that are found in the biggest portion in the product are found at the top of the list. You should be looking for products where the animal protein (such as chicken, beef, tuna) is either first or second on the list of ingredients. Canned cat food will also specify the age group that the product is designed for.

Feeding Sphynx Cat Dry Food

Dry cat food can be a very convenient and healthy option for your Sphynx. The dry cat food helps to clean its teeth and aids in protecting the health of its gums. If you are feeding dry cat food then you will need to provide more fresh water than if you are feeding wet canned food. It is important not to feed your Sphynx with leftover human food, or foods that you are preparing for human consumption, no matter how much they beg and plead to share in your meals! It also creates bad behavioral habits that it can be very difficult to break. 

Sharing your food with your Sphynx even once gives them the expectation that you will do so again and he or she will bother you incessantly at meal times until you relent. This is not a habit that you want to get into. It is a good idea to serve anything that you are feeding your Sphynx at room temperature. It should not be refrigerated as Sphynx cats have difficultly digesting cold food and this can make them vomit. You should feel free to feed your Sphynx treats as rewards or for a special experience. Cat treats can be bought from pet food stores. This should only be a small part of the overall diet.

If you want to be calm about your Sphynx feeding, when you are not at home, you can try the Automatic Pet Feeder. It will let you feed your Sphynx anytime from your smartphone and be sure, that your lovely pet is not hungry.

Besides that, you always can schedule the feeding and follow the right feeding dosage during a day or night. Up to 10 scheduled feedings. Meals can be dispensed to different portions to fit your pet’s unique feeding needs. 

Feeding Sphynx Cat Bones and Raw Food (BARF)

Some Sphynx owners swear by the Bones and Raw Food (or BARF) diet. They claim that feeding their cats only raw food results in huge improvements in their appearance and overall health. Some owners have reported experimenting with the BARF diet and being so impressed by the results that they never go back to feeding their cats canned or dry food from the supermarket. 

Varied diet Feeding Sphynx Cat

Other owners recommend a varied diet with includes a little bit of everything. I personally believe that this is a good approach as it keeps your Sphynx interested in its food while making sure that all nutritional requirements are satisfied. Mix up the diet with some canned food, raw chicken, kibbles and some raw fish (such as salmon, sardines or tuna). If you are feeding your cat raw meat, then make sure that all bones have been removed so as to prevent any choking hazards.

If you are varying the diet of your Sphynx, it is a good idea to monitor his or her reaction to different foods. Vomiting and diarrhea are obvious signs that the Sphynx is unable to cope with a new type of food.